Farm System Construction

-for Cultivating Seaweed

Through many years of collaboration with local fishermen Værlandet Fiskeredskap have developed new and better solutions for fishing, and have experienced what is required at sea.

It was because of this we were invited to assist in developing new, solid solutions for farm system constructions.

These constructions have to withstand the rough climate of our coastline, which also makes a great nursing ground for growing seaweed.

Værlandet Fiskeredskap and Seaweed from Norway havedeveloped a farm system construction called ”Buland”.  These farm system constructions can be placed close to a fish farm or on its own. The farm system features certified cordages, buoys, lights etc.

Værlandet Fiskeredskap can assist on choosing a location and position, with placement etc, - we offer full support. 

You can read more about our farm system constructions HERE